Epic Fail and a Kindred Spirit

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On my crusade to immerse myself in the writing community, I thought, What can be better than surrounding myself with fellow authors who know what it’s like to write a book? I took a deep breath, gulped down the bile telling me to remain silent in my own introverted hole, and I reached out.

I read a book written by an author who I felt an immediate connection with. I could relate to everything written on her blog, and I felt like I could embrace my dork side and she would understand. I wrote her an email telling her how much I enjoyed her book, how her blog basically described me as I fumbled and faltered in life, and I went against everything I know as an introvert and asked her if she wanted to be author buddies. You know, the kind of friends that support each other through the ups and downs of writinghood, giving words of encouragement, or talking through plot ideas, gossiping about our characters, or reading each other’s stories and helping each other push to the end to get future stories published. My email was beautifully written. I came across cool, I promise. When she didn’t respond within the hour, I told myself to be patient (after all, it was like midnight when I sent the email). When I woke up the next morning with no “you’ve got mail” message, a serious case of doubt moved in, and I told myself I needed to find a way to hack the system and take my message back because seriously, for all she knew I was some crazy stalker! At the twenty-four-hour mark, I stuck with the story that I was merely one of several hundred emails she probably had received in the past 24 hours, and she just hadn’t gotten to mine…yet. But as one day slipped into the next and I still had no response—still have no response—I decided our fated author friendship may not be in the cards after all.

So I continued to write. And then, another opportunity presented itself! I found myself reaching out to other indie authors on a Facebook thread. I started a conversation with another author whose book I saw coupled with mine on Amazon. You know, people who bought my book also bought hers, and I thought this is it! A kindred spirit!! I mean, how could we not have a connection? We chatted back and forth for several minutes, excitement lit our words as we shared info about our books and being authors. So once again, I took the plunge and said those words of death, “We should be author buddies!” And that was the end of THAT conversation. She never wrote another response. I didn’t even get a smiley face emoticon out of the deal! I guess it’s back to solitude for me until I figure out how to make friends rather than send potential candidates running in the opposite direction. But the funniest part? I told my husband. You know, the guy who is always in my corner? My number one fan? Do you know what he said? He said I reminded him of someone:


It’s not funny.

I don’t care that I laughed so hard I nearly cried because this totally captured how I felt, and my husband hit it spot on. I don’t care about the absurdity that I found a kindred spirit in EUNICE, of all people. It’s still not funny.

Okay, fine. Maybe it’s a little funny.

Feel free to share your own awkward moments in the comments section. Let me know I’m not the only one who has faced rejection…unless I am…and then that would just be awkward.

Happy friend seeking!


4 thoughts on “Epic Fail and a Kindred Spirit

    1. That’s the plan. Fingers crossed I can follow through and make it happen. Thanks for your support. 🙂

  1. I’ve read three of your posts and enjoyed them all. You are authentic so are sure to find an author buddy when the time is right. Keep searching and keep writing.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! It’s all so new for me, but I’m having fun learning the ropes as I go. And yes, the plan is to keep writing, and becoming more efficient so publication happens more often. 🙂

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