Mo’ne Davis – An inspiration

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Hello! Yes, I’m still here, even though I’ve been on blog silence for a while. Sorry about that. As an author who writes about girls in sports, I can’t help but get the warm and fuzzy feels whenever I hear about real life stories of girls expressing dominion and awesomeness on the court or on […]


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Hello and happy Friday! Not only is it Friday, but it is December! Where, oh where, has the year gone? Yeah, I don’t know either. As promised, A Shot Worth Taking is on sale for the next two days for just $.99!! In case the book description (posted below) isn’t enough insight into the book, I […]

Turning Chaos Into Order

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As a kid, I loved jigsaw puzzles. There was something comforting about making sense out of chaos, especially when dealing with thousands of small interlocking pieces. Whether I worked to connect the straight-edged pieces first or tackled a specific feature or color, eventually the small groups of pieces came together to complete the puzzle. When […]

Hiatus in New York

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Forgive me! I was on a hiatus in New York for the past two months, living in a studio apartment with my family, walking on eggshells during the times my toddler and infant chose to sleep, and learning how to NOT be a helicopter mom as my two-year-old learned how to climb to new heights […]

Epic Fail and a Kindred Spirit

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On my crusade to immerse myself in the writing community, I thought, What can be better than surrounding myself with fellow authors who know what it’s like to write a book? I took a deep breath, gulped down the bile telling me to remain silent in my own introverted hole, and I reached out. I read a book […]