Try, Try Again

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Hello!   I know as a writer I’m supposed to blog. No, it’s not a law written in stone or anything, but in today’s world, it’s all the rage, right? It’s a good way for authors to connect with readers and let them know what’s going on. I’m not against blogs at all, it’s just that […]

Worth Series Soundtrack

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Hello! I am the type of writer who most often listens to music while I write. Yes, there are times when I prefer silence and music may be more of a distraction than anything, but on the whole, music helps me capture the essence of characters and scenes. Some songs remind me of certain characters, […]

Status Update

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Hello! Oh, how I wish I could start out this post telling you all about the thousands of words I’m writing daily or an upcoming book release to be excited about or some other fantastic writing news, but the truth is, I can’t. Why? Well, I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to parent […]


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Hello! I hope everyone has had a terrific holiday season and that 2017 is already bringing you big blessings. In celebration of the New Year, A Game Worth Watching, the first book in my Worth Series, will be FREE for the next FIVE days!! So, if you haven’t read it or if you know someone […]